About us

MGF Gardens is one of the leading companies in gardening. We design, build and take care of green sceneries.

Parks, gardens and terraces are places where our passion and experience create a sinergy between man and nature.Thanks to our many-years experience and our cutting-edge technologies and techniques we are able to provide effective solution for all the needs related to green areas (including professional advice and treatment for plant pests and disease, and anti-mosquito treatments). MGF Gardens is part of MGF Nurseries Group, and this allow us to offer high-quality plants, looked after in all their growth phases, to guarantee long-term reliability and beauty to our clients.

Our passion for nature brought us to create this company that made our service full and omnicomprehensive. Our team of landscape architects and technicians follow every phase, from production to planting and maintenance.

In garden construction, the form of its architecture elements must be linked to their function. In ancient times, the construction of every single gazebo, every pavilion, every curve of a pathway responded to very specific needs. For this reason I state that creating a small garden is as hard as write a poem with only for verses.

Chen Congzhou

Our Team

MGF Gardens owner
MGF Gardens owner
Maintenance and tree climbing operation manager
Production and Phytosanitary treatment manager